Vinny Cartiglia

My New York Mets allegiance began in the Summer of 1985 when my sister Nancy — the only other Mets fan in my family — took me to my first MLB game in Shea Stadium.  Sitting ‘where the real fans sit’ I got an early taste of what it’s like to be a Mets fan. Mid-way through the game, however, a tall lanky kid named Darryl Strawberry hit a moon shot into the players parking lot in right field that brought the stadium to it’s feet and the apple out of it’s hat, and from that moment on…I was hooked.

During the ’00 World Series run, my brother — a Yankee fan — attended every Met home game and I will never forget how the stadium felt like it was shaking during their game 5 series clinching victory over the Cards in the NLCS.  As the game concluded and fans exited the stadium, my brother and I scurried our way down in front of the Mets dugout with the left over crowd and I remember John Franco and Mike Hampton coming out from the dugout to acknowledge the fans. Franco shook up a bottle of champagne amongst the crowd as we chanted “one more year” to free agent to be Mike Hampton.  Ahhh, those were the days.

Today, when I don’t spend my time blogging, I am part owner of a Barbershop (All-Star Barbershop) in Middle Island, NY with my childhood friend.  We currently employ 8 barbers and will celebrate our 12 year anniversary in November of 2011.  In January of 2012 will mark my 8 year anniversary to my wonderful wife Candace, who is a Yankee fan, but don’t hold it against her, and we are proud parents of our 5 year old son, lil Vinny.  Although Candy is a Yankee fan, you should know that Vinny has a fish named David Wright and two water frogs named Johan and Jose, so we know where his fan-hood lies…

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