Caught Lookin

Caught Lookin’ has been a Mets fan since birth, a product of Brooklyn Dodger Fans and New York Giants fans looking for a new team when their teams flew to the left coast.  He was born in 1983 and wasn’t truly old enough to remember the 1986 World Series, but because of a family member being a clubhouse assistant during the ’86 season, has plenty of pictures with the team to look at and remember the season by.  He’s been a hard core Mets fan since he was old enough to fully know the game 15 years old (we’re talking nuances here) and is a stickler for playing baseball hard, and with a respect for the game.

Caught Lookin’ works a full time job as TV promo writer/producer/director and moonlights as a semi-pro pitcher in a well respected local hardball league.  The league is named the WRWBL (, it is a summer league that features some of the best young collegiate ballplayers in the area along with former minor leaguers and former college players.

More than anything else, Caught Lookin wants to be able to go to another NLCS game 6 in Flushing, hopefully this time with a different result.

Let’s Go Mets.

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