Harvey’s heat has been unhittable

Matt Harvey‘s 2013 season keeps rolling along and nothing seems to be slowing the New York Mets Ace down.  His numbers are extraordinary as the 24-year-old leads the National League in strikeouts (121), ERA (2.05) and WHIP (0.88).

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Simply put, as Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote in his column this morning, “Right now, he is the most overpowering starter in the majors.”  Holding with that sentiment is a stat I came across on Twitter after his start on Sunday against the Phillies, which explained just how unhittable Harvey’s fastball has been this season.

According to Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, Mets team captain David Wright knew Philadelphia was in for a long day early on with Harvey on the mound.

By 2 p.m. on Sunday, David Wright knew it was going to be a good day.

harvey rainHe saw the surprise on Jimmy Rollins’ face after the Phillies’ shortstop took the first pitch from Matt Harvey. He looked over at the Phillies bench and saw it register that the Mets’ young ace could throw whatever pitches he wanted for strikes Sunday.

“I had a feeling they were gonna be in trouble when (Harvey’s) first pitch of the game is a curveball for strike one and I saw the look in Jimmy’s face, then looked at that bench,” Wright said. “Here’s a guy who throws upper 90s and he starts the game off with a curveball that he can throw for a strike.

“That is pretty impressive.”

Impressive indeed, because it’s not just how hard Harvey is throwing, it’s how effectively he is using his entire arsenal of pitches.  The dominating righty is throwing his fastball a little over 50% of the time but he’s keeping opposing hitters off balance by mixing up pitches, speed, and location.

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Right now Matt Harvey’s season is the most impressive thing I’ve seen from a Mets starter since the Dwight Gooden days.  He completely defines what teams and fans want from an ‘Ace’ starter and it’s nice to know that no matter how the week is going, Harvey Day is gonna be a good day!





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