Mets break out Harlem Shake video called ‘The Citi Field Shake’

The New York Mets may have been looking for a way to keep things loose as Opening Day approached.  Or maybe they have been so preoccupied with Spring Training that they haven’t had a chance to unwind until now.  Whatever the reason, the Mets posted a video today on called ‘The CitiField Shake’.  While none of the players faces are visible during their rendition of The Harlem Shake, the video is kicked off by VP of Media Relations Jay Horwitz and you can you can see Jeff Wilpon enjoying his antics on the coach to the bottom right.

At the end of the video you can also catch David Wright and LaTroy Hawkins dancing in Terry Collins‘ office while wearing New York Giants helmets and their jerseys backwards.


I’m glad the players had fun with this as it seems like few things have gone right this Spring.  Hopefully most fans will be more amused than Collins was and will continue to enjoy @Jay_HorwitzPR, who is great follow on Twitter.  Little things like this always seem to be a good sign of team unity, which is something the team will need to have a healthy dose of if it is going to play at a level above what most critics expect in 2013.  So the question is, can you identify any of the players?




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