Mets remain interested in Hairston


When football is over, it’s back to worrying about what kind of team the Mets will be able to field in 2013. It’s a frightening thought when you consider that the club appears set to begin the season with a starting outfield consisting of Mike Baxter, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Lucas Duda. I honestly think you’d be hard pressed to find a scout around the league that thinks any one of those guys (let alone all three) is currently a legitimate starting outfielder, so to say this is a point of weakness for the Mets is an understatement.  All Mets fans can hope is that something changes with the outfield situation between now and Spring Training, such as the team resigning Scott Hairston or making a trade that will bring a more recognizable face to patrol the Citi Field grass. The team, according to Mark Hale of the New York Post, remains interested in bringing back the free agent right hander.

#Mets remain interested in Hairston, of course. Nobody else of note on the RH outfield market, however.
Mark Hale

As we wrote earlier today, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweeted that while the Mets have checked in with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who appear to have a surplus of capable outfielders after their signing of Cody Ross, the team found the price tag on Justin Upton too high and did not see Jason Kubel as a fit:

#mets talked to AZ about upton/kubel. prospect/player price 2 high on @, kubel not perfect fit.
Jon Heyman

Heyman also went on to tweet that the D-Backs are looking for young pitchers in exchange for Kubel:

#dbacks seek young pitchers from #orioles for kubel. To this point Baltimore disinclined to do that.
Jon Heyman

Much to do about nothing here, I guess. I don’t think Kubel is a difference maker so while he would help the team a bit in 2013, sending a prospect to Arizona and picking up his salary for the year doesn’t seem like a move that will come close to putting the tam over the top. Upton is a different case all together. He’s 25-years-old and a budding star, but there’s a reason why no team has ponied up to get him, Arizona is seeking a tremendous package in return. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Atlanta, Seattle, Texas, and San Diego have all been linked to the young outfielder but nothing has evolved.

I’m waiting for the Mets, who are rumored now to have money to spend, to do something here in the offseason that will have an immediate impact on the 2013 team and beyond.

#mets have quite a bit of $ left to spend. Looking at OF, pen, rotation.
Jon Heyman

Hairston genuinely seems as though he wants to return and the fact that the team can offer the 32-year-old free agent significant playing time after hitting .263 with 20 homers for the team last season is likely weighing heavily on his decision.

Upton, on the other hand, seems out of reach, but Alderson has done a good job of cutting payroll the past couple of seasons while rebuilding the farm system. Dickey and Reyes are gone, Wright will be a Met for life, but there has to be something else. Hairston isn’t the type of player to sell jerseys but he will help the team win games in 2013 and resigning him would be the first indication that management intends to invest in that goal.




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  • DaMetsman in washington State

    Just a few observations, as we swing into the last few weeks for signings and deals to be made…

    With Hefner, McHugh, Meija and Familia all in the pot for 5th starter, why should the Mets waste time and dollars on the likes of Pavano, Marcum or even Chris Young (who would be a better value). In fact, Hefner delivers a quality outing 3 of 4 appearances. Starting the spring with a Vegas rotation of Wheeler, Mejia, Gorski, Famila and McHugh might prove extremely beneficial to the health and depth of both franchises and the entire roster of arms. Signing a lefty like Joe Saunders might be a bit of an alternative universe for the Mets, whereby they can deliver three southpaws (Santana, Niese and Saunders) interspersed with Harvey and Gee. Hefner would become a swing man and the five youngsters could be seasoned by Wally.

    Why not sign Chad Durbin, who (surprisingly enough) still appears available? Maybe taking a two-year flier on Rafael Soriano would be in the cards? Soriano would cost a draft choice, but it might be worth it if the price is right (2 years/$25 mil?).

    Sure seems like switch-hitting, good-fielding Coco Crisp would solve the CF and lead-off hitter dilemma. With his overabundance of young outfielders, Beane would have to consider a deal for Flores (3B/1B/DH) and Duda (1B/DH), or some similar package. Allowing for platoon competition in LF and RF is just fine and there is no reason to believe that Baxter/Cowgill and Nieuwenhius/Brown or Duda/Hairston wouldn’t be reasonably productive. But frankly, as good as Hairston is versus southpaws, his defense, speed and all-around hitting may well not be worth more than $2.5 mil annually for a couple of years.

    It also looks like the brain-trust could get Saunders, Durbin, Crisp and even Soriano and stay within that $24 mil or so they still may have to spend.

  • JRobotham

    Great points, feel like writing for the blog????