Mets expect bulk of winter additions to come via free agency

In a report to ESPN New, Adam Rubin says “the New York Mets expect the bulk of their winter additions to come via free agency, not trades.  In fact, “no notable trade may materialize at all.” 

In a separate post to his blog, Rubin writes, the Mets have several off-season needs and according to a source briefed on the Mets plans, the agenda item on the front burner during next week’s winter meetings will be to upgrade the outfield.

“Outfield is definitely the priority,” a team insider said, according to Rubin. “I don’t think we’re going to go in thinking we’re going to bottom feed, at least at this point.”

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The Mets would like to add two outfielders, both righty hitters, since Lucas Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mike Baxter and even Jordany Valdespin are lefty hitters, a team insider confirmed.

Regardless, the Mets would like one of the two outfield signees to be a starter, and the other at least an option to platoon with Nieuwenhuis and/or Baxter. The financial reins are loose enough that the contract for the starting outfield signee can be multiple years. It may or may not be a “name” player, depending on how the market takes off.

Photo by Michael G. Baron

In addition, NY would like to sign an established right-handed hitting catcherto pair with Josh Thole — as well as seriously upgrading the bullpenAccording to Rubin, the Mets will be searching for bargains “after overspending on Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch, and Ramon Ramirez last off-season.”


With regards to Scott Hairston, a source familiar with the outfielders demands told Rubin he may get too expensive for the Mets, saying:

“He’s looking around, obviously. He wants to see what there is. It’s a funny market, that second tier. You just don’t know where it is. It still has to play out.”




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  • Donald Obrien

    I hope this is true. I don’t want to see trades if we can get what we need in free agency. And why not Scotty Hairston as one of those two righty outfielders we need. He has proven himself in my eyes. Don’t let him get away.

  • JRobotham

    Agree with you Don, but as I watch the top free agents go off the block (Upton, Broxton, Madson) I wonder where the Mets will start looking. I’d like to see Hairston back but who is going to play CF? Who is going to catch? Who do we have in the back of the bullpen? Still a lot of holes to patch up. What players would you like to see the Mets go after?