Sherman: Mets may target Melky Cabrera

In a report to the New York Post, Joel Sherman says, “The New York Mets were one club that came up regularly as a potential landing spot for Melky Cabrera.”  According to Sherman:

“The Mets need outfielders and don’t have a ton of money to address their severe needs there. So if they could bag Cabrera as corner outfield insurance against Jason Bay and Lucas Duda, it could make sense, especially if they are unable to retain Scott Hairston. Probably at his worst, Cabrera would be a motivated fourth outfielder who always could hit righties well, with the possibility he is more than that if any of the improvements of the past two years are real.”

In 459 at-bats for the S.F. Giants this season, Melky hit .346 with 25 doubles, 11 triples, and .906 OPS.  However, Melky served a 50-game suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.  Later, Melky’s representatives launching a fake website featuring a fictitious product.

Man. I really don’t want the Mets to sign Melky.  First off. I’m not sure what Melky they would even be signing.  Was the .346 avg. 906 ops. steroid induced? Or will the Mets be signing the fourth outfielder who the Yankees let go because he was causing problems for their star, Robinson Cano?  The problem is — for fans like me who don’t want him — that Sherman makes perfect sense.  He will probably sign a one-year deal trying to prove last season wasn’t due to his new found workout regiment.  Which, is perfect for the Mets who are not trying to tie up player long-term. Other than David Wright and R.A. Dickey, of course.  He is an upgrade over any of the clubs current outfielders. While I’d rather see the Mets go in a different direction, signing Melky is definitely something I can see the Metsexuctives doing.  Hopefully, if they do, he will make me a fan by the middle of the summer.




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