Mets Banking On In-House Growth To Improve


The New York Mets haven’t been competitive for a few seasons now and it could be a few more before we really see them get back in the thick of things. They could definitely stand to make a number of changes this offseason but the problem is that they simply don’t have the financial flexibility to do so.

On one hand, the Mets are in better shape than they’ve been because they don’t have the Bernie Madoff lawsuit hanging over their heads anymore. At the same time, the fact that Johan Santana and Jason Bay are still on the hook for roughly $50 million – including buyouts – through the 2014 season means that they can’t be big players like they normally are.

Photo taken by Michael Baron

Experts who make MLB picks know that the Mets could use some more power in their batting lineup, especially since only three players topped the 20 home run mark. However, how they accomplish boosting that power is another question. There are plenty of trade rumors surrounding their leading home run hitter Ike Davis (32 home runs) because Lucas Duda might be a reasonable replacement at first base. But if the Mets are lacking power as is, how bad will they be if they lose Davis’ production?

The Mets best option to improve the roster is via trades and shrewd free agency decisions. Sure, they’d love to add Zack Greinke to the rotation but the reality just dictates otherwise. What’s more likely is the Mets try to supplement their roster with affordable veterans and possibly seek out a few trades. They don’t have a ton of depth but pitching is one commodity they could offer and get something in return.

Overall, the Mets have lots of holes to fill: the outfield, the bullpen and the batting lineup. However, they’re cash strapped and they’ll have to find a way to do it creatively since they can’t just open up their wallets.




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