Heyman: Mets expected to offer Wright about $100M

In his post to CBS Sports.com, Jon Heyman writes that the “Mets are expected to offer about $100M to start as they try to make David Wright a Met for life.”  According to Heyman:

The Mets are expected to open negotiations with an offer for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million for star third baseman David Wright, people familiar with the team’s thinking said.

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The Mets are believed to have some flexibility as they intend to try hard to keep their biggest star. They are expected to give negotiations at least most of October before even considering a trade for Wright.

The Mets’ financial issues have hindered their ability to pursue big-time acquisitions the past couple of winters, but the Mets appear serious about keeping the home-grown Wright in the fold. The Mets have reached out to Wright and star pitcher R.A. Dickey in recent days, and the club is focused for now on trying to sign both players to extensions.

The goal in Wright’s case is to make him a Met “for life.” The deal could include team options at the end on the hope Wright, 29, remains productive into his late 30s.”

This all sounds great, but I think $100M would have to be the jumping off point  for negotiations and as Adam Rubin of ESPN New York points out, the sides are likely to be pretty far apart if this is the case:

According to @, Mets expected to start at about $100M in bid to keep Wright long term. Sides will only be $60-80M apart probably
Adam Rubin

In his article, which you can read in full by clicking here, Heyman points out that “The Mets have never kept their biggest stars for the entire careers — even Tom Seaver was traded to the Reds.   Still, there is some reason for optimism.

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Wright said in this space five weeks ago that he was “extremely optimistic” he will be able to work something out with the Mets. He has a very strong relationship with many people around the team, from club owner Jeff Wilpon to the clubhouse kids. Wright said then that he considers himself a very loyal person, to the point where his favorite player growing up in Virginia was Cal Ripken Jr., the hometown Baltimore Orioles star who never left.”

Get ready for the rumors to fly about Wright’s contract demands, the Mets offers, and the grand canyon between.  New York flat out needs to do something to show fans that this is not a small market team.  Mets fans have responded to the teams poor play and shrinking payroll by simply not coming out to the ballpark.   Just yesterday Metsblog.com noted that “According to Baseball Reference, the Mets sold 2.2 million tickets in 2012, their lowest total since 2003.”

Mets fans are loyal, but they won’t be duped into padding the Metsecutives wallets if they’re not doing all they can to put a winning franchise on the field.  With Wright and Dickey, ownership has a chance to show fans they’re attempting to do just that.  Neither contract will be considered a bargain by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s gotta be some wiggle room when it comes to players you consider to be franchise shaping employees.  The Wilpons, hopefully, view Wright as just that.





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