Around the Web: Mets coaching staff to return for 2013

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Yesterday afternoon, New York Mets manager Terry Collins stated he and his entire coaching staff would be returning for next season, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN.

“You can get carried away by blaming coaches for a lot of stuff that happens,” Collins said yesterday, according to Rubin. “If you didn’t see a work ethic, I can understand coaching changes. If there were issues that some guys had, I could see that. I was around these guys every single day, and there hasn’t been a day go by where they haven’t tried to stay positive. They haven’t thrown their arms up in the air and said, ‘Well, we can’t help this guy.’ That’s never been an issue. And in our business today, the development can’t stop. And to have guys with great development backgrounds, I think it’s important.”

In a post to his blog on ESPN New York, Rubin states the following about the coaching staff:

“Pitching coach Dan Warthen is the longest-tenured member of the staff, having ascended from Triple-A when Willie Randolph as well as Rick Peterson were axed in the 3 a.m. ET firing back in 2008. Hitting coach Dave Hudgens is completing his second season. Bench coach Bob Geren, third base coach Tim Teufel, first base coach Tom Goodwin and bullpen coach Ricky Bones all are concluding their first year on the staff. 

Among NL teams, the Mets offensively enter the final three games ranked 11th in runs scored (641), 10th in batting average (.249) and 13th in homers (134). Pitching-wise, they are 11th in ERA at 4.11 — although the starters rank seventh (3.85) and the relievers rank 16th/last (4.67). “

We here at MetsZilla took a look ‘Around the Web’ to see how others in the Mets-blogosphere felt about the news:

Over at, David Marine said the following upon hearing the news:

“Let’s not make any changes to a coaching staff that lost control of this team in the second half. Let’s keep an entire staff that has a proven record of being better than average in the first half of the season only to nose dive in the second half.

Let’s keep all the people who are molding the arms of the BLOWpen. In fact, let’s keep things status quo since they’ve been going so well for us.

Perhaps this is just a PR move to stop questions from being asked. I hope so. But anyone with half a brain and at least one good eye can see that status quo is not the direction the Mets should be headed in.”

Joe D of wonders if the word “accountability” means anything to the Mets organization:

“Does that word mean anything around here?

Photo taken by Michael Baron

I can’t believe Warthen or Hudgens don’y have their heads on the chopping block…

Is there any accountability to be found in Flushing these days?

Here we are, trapped in the worst stretch of baseball that hasn’t been seen since the early 1900′s, and all we hear about is praise, great chemistry, feel good moments, etc…

Do any of them realize how awful they’re playing?

Is anybody in this organization angry about how this season has gone?”

MetsZilla:  I totally understand why some would be upset about the coaching staff returning, especially Dan Warthen.  That said, I believe there are many other issues for Sandy Alderson and his crew to worry about this off-season. I am more concerned about the lack of talent on this roster than I am about the guys sitting on the bench.  I realize many fans disagree with my sentiment, but Earl Weaver couldn’t win 90 games with this team. I couldn’t make a case for Warthen to return even if I wanted to. Think about it. What has he done during his tenure with the club?  Who has improved under his tutelage?  I thought this tweet from Andy Martino was pretty classic in regards to Warthen:

Warthen’s strategy has been hilarious these years. Pops off at will, gets in trouble, but pitchers love him so keeps coming back.
Andy Martino

I will say this for Collins. For the most part, he has gotten more out of this bunch of AAAA players than anyone could have expected.  Believe me, this is not a post endorsing anyone on the coaching staff — other than Tim Tueful who has done a wonderful job turning Daniel Murphy into a decent second baseman.    Bottom line, if Alderson decided to change his mind, I would not oppose.  But, at this moment, I am much more concerned with the roster than I am the coaches.




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