E tu, David? Wright’s second half struggles continue

Photo by Michael G. Baron

I have to admit, as a New York Mets fan,  it’s becoming tougher and tougher to watch this team continue to fall from relevancy in the NL landscape.  As good as things felt in the first half is as bad as they feel now, if not worse.  At least when things weren’t exactly going right before the All-Star break, David Wright‘s assault on opposing pitchers was something for fans to hang their hat on.  Now, however, we can’t even take solace in knowing the face of our franchise is chasing a batting title or MVP award.

Simply put, David Wright, like the rest of the Mets, is struggling to produce.

Anyone still watching the Mets knows Wright has been off since the break and with another strikeout last night against the Reds the 29-year-old has K’d 35 times in just 116 at-bats since his All-Star game appearance.  His strikeout total, however, seems like the only number sure to rise here in the second half of the season as #5 has seen his production across the board take a huge dip.

Image by Michael G. Baron

It’s tough to say what’s wrong with Wright, who hasn’t homered in over 60 at-bats and is batting just .177 over his last five games.

Obviously losing night in and night out will take its toll on players as will talks of contract extensions, topics Wright seemingly has to address on an almost daily basis.  As a cornerstone around which this franchise hopefully chooses to build in the future, David will need to once again show that he is capable of putting the Mets on his shouldrs and leading this team out of its current funk.  If nothing else, Wright is one of the only players that helps give fans a reason to turn their televisions back on and catch a game, because right now, New York Mets baseball is borderline unwatchable.




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