No Runs, Big Problems

The Mets have been shut out 7 times this year, but doesn’t it seem like more?

The more I watch this team, the more I realize that their first half success was reliant almost entirely on the shoulders of the starting pitching and two-out RBI hits.  And when the team doesn’t drive in any two-out RBI, they lose.  Period.  The offense just doesn’t have it this season.

I can count on one hand, the number of games this season where the offense brought it and was able to bail out a bad start, or blow a team away.  Going into the season most fans, I think, would have said that the problem with this team would have been the pitching.  As this season goes on and Jason Bay continues to struggle, Lucas Duda is in the minors and David Wright (although still having a great year) is falling back to earth a bit, one thing becomes more and more obvious.  This team needs another impact bat for next year.

Here’s to hoping that this is something the team pursues in the off season, because as good as R.A. Dickey, Jonathon Niese, Johan Santana (at points) have been, you cannot win consistently in this league with an offense that ranks 15th in the leagues in runs scored and 20th in slugging percentage.

Not good enough…




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