Beating A Dead Horse: Just Not With A Bat, Because the Team Doesn’t Hit Anything With Bats

Photo by Michael G. Baron

I’m not spending much time on this subject because I did yesterday…But this team DOES NOT score.

In fact, their only run was scored tonight without an RBI because it was on a double play ball.  The team only had 4 hits tonight, and have scored a grand total of 1 run and 10 hits in two games so far in Cincinnati.  This team has become harder and harder to watch, and truthfully, there’s nothing else to say as a fan but this sucks.

Exactly what made this team exciting earlier in the season, is now what makes them unwatchable.  By that I mean, the team was expected to do little this year, but when they played well in the first half the fan base was energized and the team was exciting to watch.  But after the All-Star break it’s been as if the team decided that the “new expectations” from playing well was something it could not handle.  So now, Mets fans are left rooting for a team that SHOULD have no expectations, but perhaps wrongly brought expectations upon themselves.

It seems like this team is one that cannot handle pressure and expectations…Oh, and they play in New York City…bad combo.




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