Mets have won 4 out of last 5, but you would hardly know it

Last night the Mets dropped the series finale to the Los Angeles Dodgers by a score of 8-3.  It was a game in which New York was going for a series sweep and L.A. seemed more than willing to lay down and play dead.  Even with Clayton Kershaw on the mound the Dodgers could hardly get out of their own way in the field and before you know it the Mets had been gifted a 3-1 lead.  Then, the ugly side of the 2012 New York Mets reared it’s head as the team made two errors in the bottom of the 5th inning and allowed Los Angeles to tie the game 3-3.  When Mike Nickeas committed the teams third error of the game in the 7th inning, it opened up the flood gates and for all intents and purposes put the game out of reach as New York went on to lose by a final score of 8-3.

I think most fans have a tendency to overreact to losses, it’s probably not a trait that is unique to New Yorkers, but with this team it seems to happen quite a bit.  I’m guilty of it and somewhat unapologetic for my reaction because the fact is there are times that the Mets lose and it makes you wonder how they will ever win another game.  The defense can look like an absolute circus at times; Lucas Duda is not a big league right fielder, Justin Turner is not a first basemen, Ronny Cedeno has looked somewhat out of place at second base and Mike Nickeas, well he’s just not very good.

Not Duda’s fault. He’s a first baseman forced out of position. 1 Mets official speculated recently defense emotionally affecting his offense
Andy Martino

I get about as mad at Duda as I used to Murphy when he screwed up in the OF. Not very. Out of position, doing best he can. #Fishouttawater

When you consider this it’s easy to understand why the Mets are third in baseball in errors committed and for an outsiders it’s actually probably harder to understand how they’re 6 games over .500 and right in the thick of the NL East race.

I think by now some fans have just about forgotten that this team won the first three games of the series against the Dodgers but it really did happen (I just checked the schedule).  Had last nights loss not been so ugly I think it would be safe to say this team was ‘hot’ heading into a 6-game home stand against the Phillies and Cubs, but that’s not the feeling you get when you hear most fans talking this morning and like I said, I’m part of that majority.

A loss only counts as one game but the Mets really have a kanck for making it seem like much more and whether it’s rational for fans to react the way we do, you can’t argue with the emotion your team evokes.  In fact, maybe it’s the lows we go through with this club that vaults us so high when they are putting things together.  I don’t think New York can keep toggling between being a very sound team and a very unsound team, one of those extremes will likely level out and the Mets true identity for 2012 will be revealed.  I just hope when it happens it’s the ‘good’ Mets that come out on top.




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