Mets pick up a game on the Nats and Braves

The New York Mets turned their offense around on Wednesday afternoon in the series finale against the  Chicago Cubs and the bullpen followed suit Thursday evening vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.  After another strong start from Chris Young the Mets pen combined for 2 2/3 innings of scoreless relief.  Tim Byrdak and Jon Rauch set things up for Bobby Parnell in the 9th who closed out the game to earn his first save of the season as New York held on by a score of the 3-2.

With the victory the Mets pulled back within 3 1/2 games of the division leading Washington Nationals and into a second place tie with the Atlanta Braves as both teams lost 1-run games Thursday.  So yes, if you’re keeping track at home, the Mets bullpen secured a win the same night the Braves and Nats pens could not.  Not sure how many times this year that’s happened!


Being in Florida I watch most the Mets games on MLB.TV and pay a little extra on my subscription so that I can listen to the SNY broadcast (even during away games).  The only time I elect not to do this is when they play the Dodgers, because, well let’s face it, Vin Scully is the man.

I could listen to Vin Scully describe the meaning behind each of Jon Rauch’s tattoos all night. #bestinbiz




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