Tomorrow is A Big Game, Make Us Feel Smart For Believing.

The Mets are a good baseball team.  This much we know.  The question we don’t know is just HOW good they really are.  If these last two days are any indication, this Mets team is good enough to hover around .500 and do little more.  This sucks, for multiple reasons, but the biggest reason is because Mets fans have now reached a point where we are believing in this team and their abilities, JUST in time for the team to roll into Chicago and lay an egg.  This is the second time the Mets have done this during this current season.  The last time this happened, the Mets rolled into Houston having won 5 of 6 games before the Astros crapped all over them in a three game sweep.

Sweeping the Rays was impressive.  Sweeping the Orioles was impressive.  Getting swept by the Yankees was acceptable, annoying, but acceptable.  However going into tomorrow’s game with the potential of getting swept by the Cubs is NOT.  This Mets team has worked it’s butt off trying to get the fan base to believe, and we have.  But now is not the time to go back on that unspoken promise made to the fans over the first 70 or so games, that this team can compete.  So let’s continue to compete…

I don’t care how delayed flights are, or how difficult the turn-around between games has become, this team needs to play better ball than this.  6 errors over the past 3 games is unacceptable, as is losing 4 in a row.  Now, I know the baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint, but right now is the time to sprint a little.  Like a jockey trying to make a move to the middle in the first leg of a long race, this team needs to make progress.  Because the truth of the matter, is that if this team doesn’t make a move now, they will be sellers and not buyers at the deadline, which could very well change the complexion of this team for the next year or two.

So, I’m saying, fellas…bring your “A” game tomorrow, and make sure it follows you to L.A. because the Mets fans are starting to believe, and now isn’t the time to let us down and make us feel dumb for thinking this year could be something fun.




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