First came the chicken, then the Mets laid an egg

The New York Mets have followed up their game one win in the ‘chicken series’ against the Yankees by laying three straight eggs.  These past few games have been as difficult to watch unfold as any I can remember this season.  I was baffled by the way Terry Collins handled the bullpen late in games two and three against the Yanks and couldn’t believe the clubs performance last night against the Cubs.  At one point I seriously expected to look in the dugout and see Buttermaker sipping a Bud and smoking a cigar while Tanner and Timmy Lupus went at it.  Unfortunately, the on-field disaster wasn’t a movie, it was reality.

As bad as things have been during this 3-game losing streak, however, Mets fans who have checked the NL East standings these last couple of days haven’t seen any changes.  The Nationals and Braves have each lost two in a row and over the past 10 games New York’s 4-6 record is the same as Atlanta’s and a game better than Washington’s.

I guess the point is that as frustrating as things have been the since the weekend there’s still time to brighten up the big picture as we approach the All-Star break.  With two more games against the Cubs a series win remains a possibility before heading out to Los Angeles for a 4-game set against a struggling Dodgers team that has lost 6 of their last 7.  While the Mets are on the West Coast the Braves and Nationals will be doing battle in Atlanta, meaning New York will have a great opportunity to make up some ground on at least one team they currently trail within the division.

Photo by Michael G. Baron

So yes, things have been bad of late and I hate being the guy to say ‘it could have been worse’, but such is the case.  Of course, if the bullpen continues to struggle, if Terry Collins continues to harness his inner Jerry Manuel, and if the defense carries on with their circus act, there will be very little room left to look at the bright side of things.  Or at least very few fans that will care to try.




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  • Mets Merized Online

    Hey Jason, I have to give you props on your title. :-) That was very clever, I wish I’d thought of it, lol. 

  • JRobotham

    Thanks Joe, title was probably better than the post.  So hard to write something after the team plays like that.  Rough 3 days, hopefully today is better!