R.A. Dickey is Unreal

Tonight, R.A. Dickey continued his unprecedented streak of domination.  Dickey threw his second straight one-hitter tonight, and struck out 13 batters, while improving his record to 11-1.  AT NO POINT heading into this season could you have convinced me that ANY Mets pitcher would be 11-1 with an ERA of 2.00.  Currently Dickey is on a ridiculous streak.  He hasn’t given up an earned run in his last FIVE starts.  FIVE!  Allow me to repeat that number…FIVE STARTS.  That is absolutely insane.  Oh yeah, and of those last 5 starts, Dickey has finished three of them, which is something the Mets haven’t seen in years.


Without Dickey this team wouldn’t be anywhere near where they are now, and I give credit to Dickey and Sandy Alderson as well for that.  The Mets were the perfect opportunity for Dickey to find himself, and he did, and now the Mets are reaping the rewards big time.  And so is Dickey, who at this point, if he doesn’t start the All-Star Game is a complete tragedy.  I know other people are having great years, but this is ridiculous.  And, it’s amazing story.

By the way, I would love nothing more for Dickey’s unearned streak to continue this weekend, against the Yankees.




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  • hoodside

    .. that’s amazing they r doing great.GO METS…