Mets, Santana, Take It On The Chin In Game 1 of Subway Series

Well, tonight was not pretty.  There are nights when the Mets lose and doing a write up isn’t bad because there is something to talk about, a bad play or a questionable call that may have cost the team the game.  Then there are nights like tonight where the last thing I want to do is re-cap how the Yankees basically took Johan Santana out behind the woodshed and beat him…

I’m going to make this short and bitter.  Tonight was not Santana’s best outing of the season.  It was especially painful to watch Robinson Cano take him deep twice, as Cano is probably the one player I cannot stand more than any other.  I’m not getting into why I dislike him, beyond him being a Yankee, but sufficient to say him going deep twice tonight hurt.


The bottom line here tonight is that the Yankees outhit and out-pitched the Mets for eight innings.  Let’s give credit where it is due, Hiroki Kuroda was great tonight, and the Yankees big bats came to play.  And it hurt.  Like hell.  The only inning the Mets won tonight was the ninth, and that was because the Yankees signed, and pitched, Ryota Igarashi…Also, the Yankees didn’t bat in the ninth…

Tomorrow the Mets look to recover from this horrendous performance when they send Dillon Gee to the bump tomorrow against Phil Hughes.
Let’s Go Mets.




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