Mets Bullpen Blows Three Leads, Team Loses in 12

If you watch Sportscenter and see the highlights from this game you will probably be overwhelmed by how amazing Bryce Harper and his walk-off hit was.  I’m sorry, but that’s not the story here.  The story is the Mets bullpen once again letting a win get away from them.  The worst part about tonight though, is that the win got away from them three times…

The Mets offense was resilient tonight, coming back from down 3-0 to take a 4-3 lead.  Then taking a 5-4 lead after the Nationals were able to tie it up 4-4.  Then taking a 6-5 lead after the Nationals were able to tie it up again, this time 5-5.  See a pattern?  The only difference was that the Mets offense wouldn’t get a chance tonight to take back a lead after they blew the final one, as Elvin Ramirez gave up a bases loaded two-out walk-off single to the rookie phenom.

Elvin Ramirez was also responsible for blowing the 6-5 lead earlier in that inning, but almost pushed the game to the 13th after striking out Xavier Nady with one out and the bases loaded and going 0-2 on Harper before allowing the game winning hit.  Ramirez wasn’t alone in futility tonight, as both Bobby Parnell and Frank Francisco blew saves for the teams.  On the positive side, some credit should be given to Chris Young and Miguel Batista who both pitched well enough tonight, fresh off the DL, to put the Mets in a position to win this game.  It was just the rest of the bullpen that failed them…


Tomorrow the Mets have a shot a redemption as they send Jeremy Hefner to the hill to face off against Edwin Jackson.  Hopefully tomorrow’s game will have a different fate than tonight’s…

Let’s go Mets.





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