Terry’s tough decision and Mets plan for Santana’s next start

Pulling Johan Santana last night in the middle of a no-no was, well, a no-no for New York Mets manager Terry Collins.  The thought, however, clearly crossed Collins’ mind as the Mets ace saw his pitch count climb.

Collins acknowledged that in the middle innings, part of him hoped Santana would give up a hit to settle question of whether to pull him.
Buster Olney

In accomplishing something that no player has done in franchise history, however, Santana justified TC’s decision.  Just how big was the moment?  Well, the Mets had played 8,019 regular season games in team history before Johan Santana’s no-hitter last night.  That number, according to Elias Sports Bureau, is the most by any team before it recorded its first no-hitter.

Still, for a manager who is looking at the season as a big picture and not just a flash from last night’s game, doubts remain.  And as Matthew of MLB.com wrote, the call to leave Johan in was a tough one.

Certainly I wanted it for him, wanted it for our organization and all of the people who were here tonight,” Collins said. “But you just don’t jeopardize the whole organization, a season, for one inning. So in five days we’ll see how it is.”

Those five days may actually be closer to six or seven, as multiple outlets have reported that the Mets plan to push back their beloved starter’s next outing by a couple of days.

Collins said plan is to back Santana up a day or 2 for next start #Mets
Joel Sherman

So the plan for now is to wait and apparently check on Johan periodically, even at the risk of annoying him.

Collins went to find Santana in the Mets clubhouse today, and Santana told him, “look, I am going to be fine.”
Buster Olney

It’s understandable that Collins wants to make sure Santana is o.k., for his player’s own good and probably also to ease his own mind.  If it’s assurance is what the 63-year-old skipper wants, he received just that from his peers and the higher-ups the day after he made the call to let his ace make franchise history and elate fans in a manner that has escaped us for so long.

Tony LaRussa called Collins this morning and told him: “You did the right thing.”
Brian Costa

Collins said Alderson and Jeff Wilpon both supported decision on Santana. He got a call from La Russa today saying he made the right call.
Buster Olney

As for Johan, well he took to Twitter to say thanks, but really, it’s the fans who are grateful for the work he put into coming back and the toughness he showed by going the distance.  So thank YOU Johan, thank YOU!

I want to thank all you guys for the great words
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