New York Mets assure Ike he will not be sent down

New York Mets first basemen Ike Davis is hitting just .118 in the month of May and has 3 hits in his last 36 at-bats (.083 avg).  While his performance had led to speculation that the team may send him down to make room when Jason Bay and Ruben Tejada are healthy, the 25-year-old apparently got a vote of confidence from his coach Thursday afternoon.

Ike Davis said Collins told him he will NOT be demoted to minors. Mets will let him work out his issues in the majors.
Brian Costa

Mike Puma confirmed Costa’s report in his article for the New York Post:

Slumping Ike Davis is out of the Mets’ lineup Thursday night, but not their major leagues plans. The first baseman spoke with manager Terry Collins Wednesday in Pittsburgh, and was reassured that he was in no immediate danger of being demoted.

“I’m going to be here for an extended period of time to get my (swing) back) and playing better,’’ Davis said. “Obviously they have confidence in me, they’re backing me and they know I’m going to get through this. So I’m going to be here for awhile, and it’s just up to me to start playing better.’’

This public backing by Terry Collins should probably be taken with a grain of salt as his intention could be to just get Ike to relax and not press at the plate.  Adam Rubin of ESPN New York issued the following tweets with regards to Ike’s standing with the MLB club:

On roster, I’ll say this: They’ll need to clear 3 roster spots, for Tejada, Thole & Bay. Two are easy — backup catcher & Rottino. Third?
Adam Rubin

That’s why, no matter what is said publicly, you cannot absolutely rule out any demotion. Who knows in 10 days what a skid will be?
Adam Rubin

Photo by Michael G. Baron

It’s so frustrating that THIS is the conversation we continue to have about Ike Davis.  So much was expected and so little has been delivered that most fans are at their breaking point.  Whatever is best for the team eventually has to take precedent over what a player or even a coach might want.  Terry may think he’s doing Ike a favor but with guys like Adam Lind and Gaby Sanchez being sent down you have to consider the other side of the coin.  I think the Mets will do just that, if this latest attempt at a confidence boost doesn’t have an effect on Davis.




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