There are hot streaks, then there’s what David Wright is doing

New York Mets third basemen David Wright is the talk of the MLB town right now and for good reason, he’s flat out raking.  The 29-year-old is leading the majors with a .411 average and is batting an unworldly .442 in the month of May.

To be honest Wright’s as locked in as anyone I have seen in quite some time, I mean there are hot streaks then there’s what he and Josh Hamilton are doing.  All you need to do is just turn on a Mets game and you’ll see Wright on base, I guarantee it.  If you’ve missed the games, just check out Twitter and you’ll get all the updates your Wright-loving heart can handle, even ones that connect David to a couple Atlanta Braves (yuck).

#Mets David Wright is first full-time player hitting at least .411 thru May 17 or later since Chipper Jones hitting .412 on June 12, 2008.
Steve Berthiaume

Game Day stat: Wright’s .411 batting avg. and .513 OBP highest by RH batter this late in the year since Rico Carty for the 1970 Braves.
New York Mets

The numbers really are astounding, I mean what Reyes did last year was impressive but #5 is taking it to another level in 2012.

Cool stats on David Wright: only sixth player in past 20 years to have .400 BA, .500 OBP in past 20 years. Chart on #Mets blog at ESPNNY.
Adam Rubin

After New York’s comeback win over the Reds yesterday, John Rowe summarized what Wright’s teammates think of his performance in his post for the Bergen Record this morning, which you can read in full by clicking here:

Photo by Michael G. Baron

He’s off the charts,” said Justin Turner.

Or as R.A. Dickey, who was taken off the hook after allowing four runs in six innings, added: “What he’s doing is mythical.”

“You just look up and he’s on base,” said Collins.

“He gets four pitches to hit and he doubles twice,” said Murphy, shaking his head in amazement.

Rowe went on to say that “Wright attributes to his success to the cover provided in the lineup by Lucas Duda, who doubled in the Mets’ first two runs, and Daniel Murphy, who had two more hits. But he’s being a little too modest.”  I couldn’t agree more, I mean teams aren’t exactly pitching to David because they’re worried about the guys behind him.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more free passes coming his way, a trend that seems to have already started.

Wright has been intentionally walked 6 times thus far. He received 4 such free passes in 2011.
Andy McCullough

I hope teams don’t start pitching around Wright, because it’s just been awesome to watch him demolish the ball lately.  There is sort of a Reyes-esque feel to his performance, though I hope a career year doesn’t signal the eventual end of his tenure with the Mets.  One person who doesn’t think that will be the case is Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal, who wrote a great piece comparing the situations of both players in his post today (click here to read in full).

Photo by Michael G. Baron

An announced crowd of 29,943 serenaded Wright with chants of “MVP!” after Wright’s eighth-inning double drove in Rob Johnson to put the Mets ahead 5-4.

Those chants were last heard in these parts for Reyes last September. But they were tempered by the sad reality that Reyes might leave as a free agent.

There are no such concerns with Wright, who can expect a long-term contract extension offer from the Mets at some point later this year. This time, the Mets can relish Wright’s performance, not as the final act of a departing star, but as evidence of why he seems destined to stay.”

I love the certainty with which Costa wrote that last paragraph…….I just hope he’s Wright (sorry, had to do it).

Photo by Michael G. Baron




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