Terry Collins pulls David Wright and what ensued was AWESOME

The New York Mets caught a good ol’ fashion butt kicking at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday night, but all of that was just a footnote to what occurred during the seventh inning.  Following a solo blast by Rickie Weeks, Mets reliever DJ Carrasco drilled Brewers slugger and last years NL MVP on the next pitch with a “sinker” in the upper part of his left arm.  Carrasco was ejectd from the game, but told reporter there was no intent in the beaning:

I was just trying to throw a sinker in first pitch and it got away from me and hit him”

In the bottom of half of the frame, with David Wright set to lead off, manager Terry Collins opted to pull Wright from the game in favor of Jordany Valdespin.  David was visible upset. Emphatically yelling at Collins demanding he stay in the game before storming down the clubhouse steps. All of which, was caught on camera. Wright later returned to the dugout and passionately discussed the situation with Terry.  Following the game, Collins stated the following:

In my opinion, why I took him out of the game, he wasn’t getting hurt. I’m not accusing anybody of the possibility of retaliation, but I don’t blame the umpires for doing what they did, and I don’t blame the other team for any perception they had of what happened. But, I’ve got news for you, in this game there are unwritten rules, and one of them is you hit my guy, I’m hitting your guy. They’re not hitting my guy tonight. I’m not exposing him to being hit. He said, ‘If anybody gets hit, I want it to be me.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry, it isn’t going to be you.’ They’re not going to hit Jordany Valdespin, but, if they were going to retaliate, they will hit David Wright and that ain’t happening tonight. … I’m not saying they were going to hurt him. Believe me, I’m not accusing them of anything. I just know what might have taken place and I was trying to avoid it.”

Wright spoke with reporters, saying:

Terry’s the manager, and I’ve got all the respect in the world for Terry. I try to go to battle for Terry every day. He’s got to make the move that he thinks is best for the team, and he obviously did that. Whether I agree with it or disagree with it, I respect him. I’ve loved playing for him the short amount of time that we’ve had together. And I’ve got all the respect in the world for Terry specifically. You get caught up in the moment. Things probably looked a lot worse than they really were and we go on from here. Terry and I have no issue. It’s one of those things, like I said, in the heat of the moment it probably looked worse than it really was. …I guess my thinking at the time was Ryan gets hit and then I go up there and get hit and then everything is settled.”

Seriously, this was awesome.  Normally it’s easy to say David was wrong, Terry was right or vice versa. In this situation, however, I agree with both sides.  I totally understand why Collins pulled Wright from the game and honestly, I think I would have done the same.  David could have easily been drilled with a fastball on the wrist, elbow, or the head and needed a DL stint to which we would all have been furious that he was left in the game. And so, I am glad Terry did what he did.  Wright is very important to this club and there is no reason he should have been put in harms way during an 8-0 game.  On the flip side of that coin,  I get why Wright was upset. He’s the leader of this club and official or not, the captian. That may have never been more evident then it was tonight. Honestly, the dude is awesome. The passion he displayed. The fact that he stood there — in front of his teammates — and said I’m willing to take one for this team was pretty cool to watch.   That brief moment in the Mets dugout showed just how much David cares about this team and thanks to the SNY camera crew, we all got to witness it.  #extendtheman




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  • Patplant60

    Terry Collins did what he did. Bottom line, no one got hurt, game pretty much was over and all is well in the Met camp. Who are we to judge,,,