Mets take a whooping, lose 8-0

The New York Mets moved to 20-16 as they were defeated 8-0 on Tuesday night by the Milwaukee Brewers:

Dillon Gee started for the Mets and got rocked, allowing seven runs over 5 1/3 innings:

Travis Ishikawa killed Gee tonight.  Ishikawa collected three-hits against the right handers, two of which were homeruns.  The second of his two bombs — a three run shot — chased Gee from the game with one out in the top of the sixth. Gee, who saw his ERA rise to 5.65, said the following after the game:

I felt great today, really. I don’t know, man. I’m at a loss for words. Like I said, I felt good out there. I felt like I made a lot of good pitches. In my mind, I only made a few mistakes.”

INVISIBLE OFFENSE:  The Mets couldn’t muster much against Milwaukee pitching on the night, collecting just six hits in 30 at-bats:

THAT’S GONNA HURT IN THE MORNING:  After allowing a solo-shot to Rickie Weeks to start the top of the seventh inning, D.J. Carrasco drilled Ryan Braun with what he said was a “sinker” in the back of his left arm.  Home plate umpire Gary Darling bounced from behind the plate and wasted no time ejecting DJ from the game.  Carrasco insisted that the hit-by-pitch was an accident, saying:

I was just trying to throw a sinker in first pitch and it got away from me and hit him. …It was a really quick decision. There was not even like a time to read my emotion or take into account the score of the game or the situation there that I was there to throw a few innings out of the bullpen. I’m not trying to get tossed out of the game two or three hitters into the game. I think it was more the fact that there was a home run hit and then a guy was hit right after that. I told [home plate umpire Gary Darling] I wasn’t trying to hit him right there. It’s a seven-, eight-run game, and I’m trying to throw some innings. I’m not trying to hit a guy and get thrown out. He didn’t feel that way. He thought it was a retaliation kind of deal for a home run hit. But I don’t play that way.”

Honestly, I do not believe there was any intent to hit Braun.  I truly believe Carrasco was trying bust Ryan inside with a sinker/fastball (pitch type is insignificant) and the pitch just got away from him.  Now, if you want to say that maybe he didn’t care if it him or not, I can agree with that. But, I don’t think he had a plan to plunk Braun.

EVENTS THAT FOLLOWED WERE AWESOME:  With David Wright due to lead off the bottom of the seventh inning, manager Terry Collins opted to pull his thirdbaseman in favor of Jordany Valdespin.  Wright was visible upset with the decision.  He slams his helmet in disgust and was very vocal in his displeasure with the situation.  David stormed down the clubhouse steps and later returned seemed to passionately explain his side to Collins.

Not for nothing, but this was awesome to see.  I will have more on this later in the night.

BACK AT IT TOMORROW: The Mets will host the Cinicinatti Reds for a two-game series tomorrow night, with Johan Santana taking on Mike Leake.




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