Braves Bring the Bats, Hammer Mets Who Fall to .500 on Road Trip

This afternoon the Mets (7-5) fell to the Atlanta Braves (7-5) by the final score of 14-6.

After looking un-hittable in the first inning, R.A. Dickey got smacked around by the Braves’ hitters giving up three 2-run homers, and 8 runs in 4 1/3 innings of work.

There’s really nothing else to say about today’s game other than the Braves hit the snot out of the ball and the Mets pitching came up short.  Outside of Kirk Nieuwenhuis‘ three hit performance, the only positive for the day was that the Braves scored more than 13 runs and thus did not “hit” for whoever has them in my 13-run pool.

Early in the game, the Mets made two horrible base running mistakes that cost them runs.  Mistakes that without them may have kept them in the game a bit longer.  Although, both running mistakes led to the players being thrown out at the plate, it’s hard to blame Tim Tuefel for being aggressive on the base paths.  That having been said, sending Daniel Murphy on contact from third base on a slow roller was a dumb idea, especially after Tuefel had already tried scoring David Wright from second on what amounted to an infield single.  It was a tough game to watch as a Mets fan, but I will never complain too much about a .500 road trip that takes the Mets through Philly and Atlanta.

WHAT WENT RIGHT: Kirk Nieuwenhuis went very, very right today.  As mentioned throughout the broadcast by Gary and Ron, Kirk must have been pissed when he heard that Andres Torres was getting his starting position back when he comes off the DL.  Since this was mentioned prior to yesterday’s game, Kirk has gone 5-8 with 4 runs scored, 1 RBI and 1 stolen base.  Somebody is certainly trying to make a case for more playing time at the big league level.  I really, really like watching this guy play.  Sorry Torres, you haven’t gotten a chance to show what you can do, but I really hope Captain Kirk keeps it that way by playing hard enough to keep you on the bench…


The Mets are off tomorrow and will be traveling home to face the Giants Friday night at 7:10.  It’ll be Barry Zito against Jonathon Niese.




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