Sherman: Mets are homegrown underdogs

Last night the New York Mets dropped their first game of the year and did not look pretty in doing so.  The loss may already send some fans jumping off the bandwagon (good riddance), but when a team short on depth loses it’s hottest hitter in David Wright and starting first basemen in Ike Davis, a sloppy game in the field and poor day at the plate should not be surprising.  So is the ride already over, or did it never really begin?  I guess your outlook would depend on just how jaded you are by the team’s past and how willing you are to believe that this year will be different.

After the New York Mets began the season 4-0, Joel Sherman of the New York Post pointed out that the trust of disenchanted fans would be hard for the organization to win back, even with such a solid start to the 2012 campaign.  That is certainly understandable, but as the team attempts to do just that, there are a couple things working in their favor, according to Sherman:

Photo by Michael G. Baron

But it seems to me that fans do tend to like two items: Rooting for the underdog and rooting for homegrown players. And the Mets do check off both of those boxes.

Count me among the group that believed the Mets’ magic number had expired before the season had even begun. And I still believe they lack both elite players and organizational depth, and those are two pieces that will undermine a team over the course of a long season.

The Mets have definitely noticed that this is a majority feeling about the club and good for them if they are walking around with a collective chip on their shoulders. It would be the first chip in years that did not send one of them to the DL for a month. Using the underdog mentality as an engine is a fine thing.

The heavily homegrown underdog Mets have made the most out of their home start. Maybe it is too soon to win back cautious fans who have been sold a lot of empty promises by this organization for a while. But the Mets have a bit of a feel like an undervalued stock, right now. It will be fascinating to see how many of their fans latch onto that stock and – against their offseason judgment – actually begin making their way back to Citi Field.”

Sherman hits the nail right on the head.  I find it almost impossible not to have a chip on my shoulder as a fan, so I can’t imagine how the players feel.  Toss in the fact that some of we have been tracking most of these guys from their time in the minors and connection along with the hope that they will succeed is heightened.  I’m not gonna lie, things could get ugly if Wright has to hit the DL, but I won’t count out or give up on these homegrown underdogs.




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