New York fans may have similar outlook on series openers, but for different reasons

Whether you are a New York Mets or New York Yankees fan, as you begin to converse with friends about the performance of your favorite team this past weekend, one phrase you are likely to hear is “it’s only one series.”  For Mets fans, whose team sits a perfect 3-0 and alone atop the National League East, the phrase is one of tempered optimism.

Look, we want to believe that this is a sign of things to come; that David Wright and Daniel Murphy are healthy and will continue to tear the cover off the ball; that Lucas Duda is going to blast 30+ homers this year and feast on the new Citi Field dimensions; that the starting rotation led by a healthy Johan and revamped bullpen anchored by Frank Francisco will keep us in games and not let wins slip away.  After all, after seeing Santana, Dickey, and Niese throw, there seems to be a buzz about what this staff can do.

Observations..Hosmer can’t be pitched too..tigers lineup is minefield for pitchers..angels top of order has to get on..mets can pitch.
karl ravech

Photo by Michael G. Baron

We want to believe those things (why wouldn’t we), but we’ve been fooled before and so while we support our team unconditionally and revel in the joy that comes with a season opening sweep of our division rival Atlanta Braves, we realize that “it’s only one series.”

For Yankees fans, whose team was swept to start 2012 by the Tampa Bay Rays, well they’re simply on the other side of the coin.  There’s still guarded optimism but for different reasons, as they are wanting to believe that what they witnessed in the series opener is NOT  a sign of things to come.  They want to believe that starting 0-3 for the first time since 1998 is no big deal because, well, “it’s only one series.”

In the end New Yorkers are right to remind themselves that these first three games are just a few out of the 162 game schedule, but I’d rather be convincing myself that my team can continue to impress instead of wondering if they’ll turn it around.  It’s been a while since Mets fans have been on this side of the fence and there’s no reason not to enjoy it…………even if “it’s only one series.”

seeing lots of people proudly wearing #mets hats downtown today
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