Ike Davis says he has “more of a drive and a want this year”

Back in early January New York Mets first basemen Ike Davis said he was good to go for Spring Training and ready to play.  Fortunately for Mets fans, nearly a month later Ike is singing the same song and actually sounds like a man with something to prove.  According to Dan Martin of the New York Post, the 24-year-old slugger said:

I have more of a drive and a want this year,” Davis said. “I always had it, but I never really saw the other side, when the game isn’t there.”

Davis was certainly playing like a driven sophomore last season, hitting .302 and belting seven homers before his May collision with David Wright ended his season.

A little extra motivation for Ike can’t hurt, so long as he doesn’t press too hard early on, a danger he seems poised to avoid:

I know to take it slow. I have to get back into the rhythm of playing, but I’ve got plenty of time,” he said. “It’s going to come back.”

Hearing a confident #29 makes me happy, but SEEING a productive #29 will make me even happier.  For the sake of the Mets offense, I am holding out hope that Ike can pick up where he left off last year, which will only be possible if he can get a good amount of work in throughout the Spring.  Things seem to be pointing in that direction and a rehabbed infield returning to form in Queens may be unlikely, but the potential behind a healthy David Wright, Daniel Murphy, and Ike Davis excites this Mets fan.




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