Mets are still looking for a LH outfielder; Ankiel anyone?

In a report to the Daily News Andy Martino says, the New York Mets are “looking for a veteran lefthanded bat for the bench, and is shopping in the aisle that includes Rick Ankiel, Kosuke Fukudome, Raul Ibanez and Johnny Damon.” According to Martino:

After Willie Harris signed with Cincinnati, the Mets were left with two unproven players, Mike Baxter and Adam Loewen, as their options for the lefty off the bench. Most major league managers prefer veterans in that role, because those players are accustomed to the unique challenges of irregular play and pinch-hitting — and because developing players are best served playing every day in Triple-A.

In their search for a veteran, the Mets could be helped by Juan Pierre’s agreement on Friday with Philadelphia, and the overall abundance on the market of lefthanded outfielders. The Phillies signed Pierre to a minor league deal, setting a low market for players of his ilk, and making Fukudome and Ankiel perhaps more feasible as a bargain-basement acquisition.”

Martino goes on to add that the Mets “have monitored Ankiel in particular since the beginning of the offseason.”  As I mentioned last week, all things considered, the name that intrigues me the most — of the names mentioned above — is Rick Ankiel. The 32-year-old free agent can provide some pop off the bench as a much needed lefty pinch-hitter, as well as, a late inning defensive replacement for either Lucas Duda or Jason Bay.  Ankiel can play plus defense at all three outfield positions and the former pitcher has, arguable, the best outfield arm in baseball. And so, in my opinion, he would be the perfect fourth outfielder for the Mets. To learn how to analyze baseball talent, find sports classes at an online school, that can teach you what makes a good outfielder. It seems as if I am not the only one who thinks so. Below is a tweet from MLB Networks Peter Gammons in response to ESPN MLB Rumor Central:
In 380 at-bats for the Washington Nationals last season, Ankiel hit .239, with nine home runs, 37 runs batted in and a .296 on base percentage.



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