Astros have claimed Fernando Martinez, Herrera clears waivers

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Houston Astros have claimed former New York Mets top prospect, Fernando Martinez off waivers this afternoon:

Source: Fernando Martinez is an Astro
Adam Rubin

In a post to his blog for ESPN New York, Rubin goes on to state the following:

Houston, which has first dibs in waiver claims by virtue of its MLB-worst record in 2011, selected the 23-year-old outfielder.

The Mets needed to clear 40-man roster spots for the additions of Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno, and chose to put Martinez as well as left-hander Daniel Herrera on waivers.

Because Martinez has an option remaining, he needs to remain on Houston’s 40-man roster, but can be optioned to Triple-A in spring training if he does not make the major league club.”

According to Rubin, Daniel Herrera has cleared waivers and will remain with the Mets as a non-roster player:

Source: Daniel Herrera has cleared waivers and will remain with #Mets as non-roster player.
Adam Rubin

ORIGINAL POST, 1/9/12 4:53 PM

Mets Put F-Mart, Daniel Herrera, On Waivers

According to Adam Rubin on, here, the Mets have placed both Fernando Martinez and Daniel Herrera on waivers to make room on the 40 man roster for Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno. In a previous post to, here, Rubin gave an idea of which players he felt were being considered to be waived.  This list included: Armando Rodriguez, D.J. Carrasco, Jeremy Hefner, Chris Schwinden, Josh Satin and Justin Turner.

Now, while I have absolutely no issue with Herrera getting waived over these other players, I do question the F-Mart move.  I think it’s very likely another franchise will pick him up based solely on his former status as a big time prospect, and it’s because of that reason I think this was a bad move.  I’m sure some of this anger comes from my frustration in thinking about those previous trade rumors involving F-Mart that the Mets have shied away from in the past, because they didn’t want to give up on his talent.  Now, he’s injured all the time, under-producing and has little-to-no trade value, which is precisely why he’s been waived.  Even so, I still would have rather waived Justin Turner, Chris Schwinden or Jeremy Hefner with the hope that some day this kid becomes an eighth of what he was supposed to be.  And while I know everyone likes Turner, I think he’s reached the top of the mountain, and with Cedeno in the fold is almost completely useless from a utility standpoint.  Hairston is the right-handed bat off the bench, Cedeno is your back-up middle infielder, Turner is a man with a very limited role, and ceiling…

Should they clear waivers, Martinez can be optioned to Triple-A Buffalo, while Herrera can opt for free agency instead of Triple-A.




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  • Rthomas

    You are high!  Justin Turner is the best thing to happen for the Mets in years.  He will be a staple in this franchise for years to come..mark my words.