Mets Close To Adding More Middle Infield Depth, Then Can We Get Some Pitching Please?

Here’s the news:


Source: #Mets close with IF Ronny Cedeno on one-year deal in $1.1M-$1.2 range. #MLB
Ken Rosenthal


Look, I like this potential addition.  I like it better than I would like a Jack Wilson addition, because Ronny Cedeno is younger, and has the ability to take over a starting position should he need to, without completely pissing me off.  Although, I have to say, I feel bad for Cedeno coming here after having been in Pittsburgh and Seattle.  I guess Ronny isn’t into winning all that much.  Regardless, I wouldn’t be miserable with Cedeno starting at either shortstop or second base if an injury should occur, or if Daniel Murphy or Ruben Tejada struggle.  Cedeno is a nice player, and I like this potential move, should it happen…

Photo taken by Michael Baron

But please, Sandy, I beg you, HELP THE ROTATION.  This team cannot (and most likely will not) win with the rotation as currently constructed.  I understand the line up is pretty much set, so where do we see an area for improvement…How about the rotation?  Currently we’re looking at Johan Santana (maybe, probably, sort of, who knows), R.A. DickeyMike Pelfrey, Jonathon Niese and Dillon Gee.  If everything breaks right (and the Mets are still the Mets so I wouldn’t count on that) this rotation is still only good enough to get you to about .500, and that would require Johan to return to pre-op form, Pelfrey and Niese reaching their potential, Dickey to remain consistent and Gee to simply be average.   It’s not enough.

Please Sandy, help the rotation. We need rotation help more than we need bench players…




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  • jazzmasters

    I disagree. I think that rotation as currently constructed is good enough for 85-88 games if everyone does what they’re capable of, but that’s a big maybe.