Mets Re-Sign Hairston, Open to Harris Return, While Marlins Add Zambrano, AND SO I RANT.


I know the Mets seem to be only making minor tweaks to a team that needs a serious influx of talent, and it sucks.  But even-so, here’s the news…

Can now confirm that Scott Hairston was indeed re-signed by #Mets
Joel Sherman
Alderson recently said open to resigning both Hairston and Willie Harris, but with Hairston signed, team has not had any talks w Harris.
Andy Martino


Look, I liked Willie Harris and Scott Hairston last year.  They are nice bench players, and a good team needs nice bench players.  My problem is that the Mets everyday players, especially their pitching, keeps them from being a good team that would benefit from having guys like Hairston and Harris on their bench. Although, as long as I don’t see either one of these guys in as many  games this year as I did last year, I’ll be satisfied.  I still think on the whole Sandy Alderson is spending too much time making minor moves that would help a contender, when the Mets have bigger holes and issues to worry about before they get to contender status.

Speaking of addressing pitching needs, the Marlins have made YET ANOTHER big move, acquiring Carlos Zambrano from the Cubs for Chris Volstad, and they will only pay him $3 million…

Cubs and marlins agree on trade that sends p Carlos Zambrano in exchange for Chris volstad .cubs pay 15 of 18 million .
Bruce Levine


I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but come on, but being a Mets fan sucks.  I know Volstad at one point was a very promising prospect, and is still young, but for the Marlins to get Zambrano for THAT cheap I find ridiculous.  How is it that other teams can deal away failed prospects (although admittedly Volstad is young, and still has time) for proven commodities, and the Mets can’t?  Zambrano is getting paid $3 million dollars by Miami this year?  Could the Mets not afford even that?  Is this organization just totally looked at like a garbage heap by the rest of MLB?

Now, I’m not saying  Zambrano would solve what ails the Mets (although at one point I wanted him for Luis Castillo, BADLY), but at $3 million dollars and Fernando Martinez couldn’t the Mets have tried?  I don’t know that they dide, but at least if I heard that I’d feel like SOMETHING was being tried here.  I am also not saying that Zambrano will put Miami over the top, because I find it hard to see a way that he and Ozzie Guillen don’t try to kill each other every fifth day.  But, as a fan, I want the Mets to do SOMETHING to attempt to make this team better than last year’s.  Show some allegiance to your fan, by giving them a good product on the field.  Yes, the bullpen is better, but if you never have the lead does that even matter?

Photo by Michael G. Baron

Right now, this Mets team is not better than last year’s team, and it pains me so much that I’m not even looking forward to the season.  I like Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, David Wright and Josh Thole as much as the next Mets fan, but this is not a team that will be competitive.  They are without a doubt the worst team in the NL East, and that’s even without Prince Fielder potentially landing in Washington.  The last two seasons were bad, but this season might be a nightmare…

I’m sad.




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  • Mark Vega

    It’s like they aren’t even trying to put a better team on the field. I don’t understand this, they want people in the seats…well with this team, good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Fred, Jeff, and Saul! I guess you don’t care if attendance goes down to 1.6 million or so, and you look like even bigger idiots than before. Thanks for cutting the budget from $140 million, then to $120 million, then to $110 million, then to $100 million, and then to $95 million. That “deserving” and “decent” starting rotation sucks—with only Dickey really any good (and he’s a true #2 guy). The sooner we get rid of you—yes, you Wilponzis and Katzscammed, the better.