Mets Still Looking At Middle Infield Depth, Interested in Theriot

Braves, rays, mets among teams looking at ryan theriot
Jon Heyman


I know this isn’t exactly earth-shattering news here (or timely-a little late on this news), but the Mets are continuing to investigate veteran free agent options to join the mix in the middle infield.  We had heard about the Mets talking with Jack Wilson, and Ronny Cedeno, but now we can officially throw Ryan Theriot into the mix as well.

While defensively, Theriot’s upside isn’t as high as Wilson or even Cedeno’s, his offense is solid enough to make his addition a good one.  Theriot’s a solid hitter who’s coming off a slightly below average season, by his standards, but is also coming off a season where he won a World Championship with the Cardinals…Not a bad source of leadership for this young Mets team.

Heyman also includes the Braves and Rays as teams looking into Theriot, too.  None of this news should be that surprising, as the Braves and Rays have potential starting needs in the middle infield.

The Mets on the other hand are looking for depth for multiple reasons.  I’m sure the Mets are slightly concerned about the durability of Daniel Murphy at second base, considering his injuries suffered recently playing the position.  Also, turning the starting shortstop position over to Ruben Tejada is a scary prospect in it’s own right for the Mets, so why not have a solid veteran to shuffle in if the young guy struggles.  This would be a good move for the team, should they make it.





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