A Rumor and An Idea

Here’s the rumor:

According to this article, by Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.com, a major league source told ESPN New York that the Mets have “expressed interest” in Eric Young Jr., currently on the Colorado Rockies roster.  Furthermore, Rubin also says, “Sending Justin Turner to Colorado might get the potential deal done, the source added. ”  Rubin also comments that the Mets continue to talk to the Rockies about Jon Niese as well.

So here’s where I’m at with all this.  Justin Turner for Eric Young Jr., to me, is a no-brainer.  Young, 26,  is a speed guy with some potential to grow whereas I think we’ve seen the best of Justin Turner.  As much as I liked the idea of Turner coming off the bench for the Mets this season, I like the idea of Young better.  Young can play second base and the outfield, and based on defensive versatility alone would represent an upgrade over Turner.  But that’s not my favorite aspect of Young, it’s his speed.  The ability to have a speedster off the bench for the Mets can really change the way Terry Collins handles his bench in the later innings.  I love the idea of being able to bring an instant stolen base threat off the bench late in games, it changes the way the opposition would have to play the Mets.  So, to me, if the Mets can make this move, I think you have to pull the trigger if you’re Sandy Alderson.

Now for my crazy idea:

Sign Roy Oswalt to a one year contract.  You’re probably thinking, what’s the point of that? And, how do you know he’d even accept a one year deal?  To answer the second question…

Interest in Roy Oswalt has picked up now that he has told clubs he only wants a 1-year deal.
Jerry Crasnick


Now, adding Oswalt would allow the Mets to have a much more adequate opening day rotation, and potentially, would be important if the team did decide to move Jon Niese.  And also, who doesn’t think that a guy with the talent level of Roy Oswalt wouldn’t help the Mets rotation immensely.  Also worth considering, in a line of thinking that would be much more in turn with this organization’s thinking, if the Mets are out of it this year and Oswalt stays relatively healthy, he’d be quite a nice trade chip at the deadline this season.  This is a creative way to improve the Mets rotation going into the season, and one that would not hamstring the team going forward, but instead could provide even more of a building block for their future.

So, I say let’s do it.  And by it, I mean deal Turner for Young and look into what Oswalt wants.  It seems like an easy way to make the team better, and stay (relatively) within the teams means for the season.  So, stay creative Sandy.  We know that’s the position we have to be in…







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  • Randy Cauthen

    You’re aware they’re cutting Kingsport, right?
    Oswalt is fantasy. 
    Young is a pretty good idea if the Rox bite.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Port St. Lucie is being cut.