Phillies Decline Options on Lidge and Oswalt

According to Todd Zolecki of, the Philadelphia Phillies declined the options on both Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt, yesterday afternoon, paying the players a combined $3.5 million in buyouts:

Phillies decline options on Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt. Phillies will pay $3.5 million in buyouts:
Todd Zolecki

“While we will not pick up either of their options, we will remain in contact with representatives for both players about the possibility of bringing them back for the 2012 season,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement, according to Zolecki. “Brad and Roy both made significant contributions to the Phillies over the past several seasons.”

I’ve heard Brad Lidge’s name mentioned quite a bit around the Mets blogoshpere — and fans a like — as a possible closer candidate for the New York Mets in 2012. It may not be that far fetched. The 34-year old right hander has spent plenty of time on the DL over the last few of seasons and seems like the perfect candidate for the Metsecutives to pursue; as he would probably require low years/money for a chance to prove his worth (much like Chris Capuano did this season.)

According to MLB Trade Rumors, “[Lidge] is a Type B free agent,” and considering his $12 million salary in 2011 and extensive trips to the DL an arbitration offer “seems highly unlikely.”

Here is a list of possible Free-Agent Closers this off-season; via MLBTR:




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