Rockies expected to be aggressive in pursuit of David Wright

In his most recent column for the Denver Post, Troy Renck wrote that “Opposing executives expect the Rockies to be aggressive in their pursuit of the Mets’ David Wright.”  Reports of Colorado’s love affair with Wright have popped up before, most notably when the team was said to have put in a waiver claim on third basemen this season.  While those rumors may or may not have been true, the Rox (as Renck points out) have a glaring hole at the hot corner.

A team can gloss over many problems, but lack of a big run producer at third base usually isn’t one of them.

The evidence is alarming. The average National League third baseman hit .257, with a .317 on-base percentage and a .387 slugging percentage. The Rockies finished .222/.281/ .348. That they couldn’t even reach mediocrity while playing half their games at Coors Field is even more alarming.

In terms of how David Wright could be part of the solution, Renck speculates that money may be a factor for New York if a large contract is handed out to Jose Reyes this offseason:

Opposing executives expect the Rockies to be aggressive in their pursuit of the Mets’ David Wright. The Mets have said he’s not available, but that could change if they commit to re-sign free- agent shortstop Jose Reyes for big money. Wright, however, is not without his issues. Though just 28, he has dealt with a back injury that limited him to only 102 games last season. Wright is owed $15 million next year with a $16 million club option for 2013 that can be voided if the Mets trade him. Hitting anywhere but Citi Field would likely boost Wright’s numbers.

Ah, well we’re not even out of October and the vultures are swarming.  This offseason will be like none in recent memory, that I can promise you.  Instead rumors primarily being focused on which new free agents will be brought in to help bolster the roster, winds of change may be blowing in monsoon like fashion.  Squarely behind that storm will be the resigning of Jose Reyes and Renck’s article reminds us that regardless of what the front office has said in terms of Wright’s availability, capable suitors are bound to inquire…..especially if they get a sense that Sandy needs to get creative with his payroll.

Image by Michael G. Baron

I’ve long said that I never really thought I’d look at the Mets as a team that had to deal with these types of issues.  Losing Reyes or Wright never crossed my mind because this, to me, was a big market team.  If that meant overspending on a couple of homegrown stars, then so be it.  That’s not the kind of luxury some, scratch that, MOST teams are afforded.  Have the Mets now fallen into that majority?  Maybe, but I just can’t see them trading Wright.

While there are those, such as Fred Wilpon, that feel #5 has never materialized into a true star, his spot as a top tier third basemen simply can’t be denied.  I’d encourage anyone who is in favor of seeing Wright get traded to read Renck’s article because if David does get dealt, a New York Mets beat writer near you could be writing a similar post in just a few short years.




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