Pre-Game It: Schwinden to Start Final Series of the Year for the Mets, Against Batman

Call me dumb.  Call me a genius.  Call me whatever you want, but I actually very excited for the final series of the season.  Why?  Well, because it means yet another nightmare Mets season is coming to a close and I get another couple of months to put this season away and hope that the next season will be better.  I’m also excited because the Mets will get a chance to see if they can defeat batman tonight.

Sorry, but Homer Bailey looks dangerously close to Christian Bale to me.  Interestingly enough Bailey won’t be the only look alike pitching at CitiField tonight, as Chris Schwinden will do his best tonight to look like a major league pitcher.  Unfortunately for the Mets, this is an impression Schwinden hasn’t done the best job of imitating so far in his previous outings this season.  All joking aside, here’s tonight’s pitching match up:

And here’s the Mets line up that will limp to the finishing line without Lucas Duda, Angel Pagan and (at least for one more night) Jason Bay.

Mets Monday lineup vs. Cincinnati: Reyes-SS, Tejada-2B, Harris-LF, Wright-3B, Evans-RF, Thole-C, Satin-1B, Pridie-CF, Schwinden-RHP
New York Mets

This series for the Mets can only be seen with one goal in mind, to sweep and finish the season just 4 games under.  Although that’s not exactly a successful season, it would at least be a nice way to end a season that was really a struggle.  And don’t forget we’re still on the Jose Reyes batting title watch, so it’s worth noting that Reyes has never faced Bailey.

Let’s Go Mets.




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