Hairston, Byrdak, and Izzy get claimed but will not be traded

Sources of Adam Rubin have told the reporter that Scott Hairston, Tim Byrdak, and Jason Isringhausen will be with the New York Mets through the end of the season.  According to Rubin:

Photo by Michael G. Baron

All three players were claimed off waivers and subsequently pulled back by the Mets, making them ineligible to be traded this month, the source said.

Once a Mets player is claimed in August, GM Sandy Alderson can only work out a trade with that particular team during a brief window. If the sides cannot work out a deal, Alderson could dump the contract on the claiming team or pull the player back. Once the player is pulled back — as was the case with Hairston, Izzy and Byrdak — he is no longer eligible to be traded this month.

Had they cleared waivers, it merely meant Alderson was free to speak with any team for the remainder of the month about acquiring their services.”

Photo by Michael G. Baron

I’m not at all surprised that these three were claimed while Jason Bay, Chris Capuano, Willie HarrisD.J. Carrasco, and Angel Pagan have all cleared waivers.  I think it is interesting that a contender didn’t see fit to meet Alderson’s asking price, though I have no clue how high it was set.  When you consider the value a lefty specialist like Byrdak can have, or how Izzy could plug a hole at the end of a game and Hairston can win games with one swing of the bat off the bench, it makes sense that these guys wouldn’t be had for cheap.

With that being said, I think this is, in a way, a testament to the fact that Sandy and the front office are committed to putting a good product on the field in the immediate as well as distant future.  That kind of philosophy seems like it would go without saying but as Rubin pointed out, the team could have saved money by simply dumping salary and they chose not to.  So while everyone weighs in as to what the future holds given the recent Madoff rulings, I’ll wait to see ownership’s actions as they pertain to payroll before I panic, and this to me is a good sign.




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