Z-Cap: Mets Lose Game, Reyes and Murphy. Worst Game Ever.

This afternoon the Mets lost the game 6-5 (box score), the series 2-1, and Jose Reyes and Dan Murphy for probably 15, each.  It was a horrible afternoon in the city.

How horrible of an afternoon was it you ask?  Well any game where you finish with your infield defense from left to right as follows (Nick Evans-3B, David Wright-SS, Justin Turner-2B, Lucas Duda-1B), you are in serious trouble.  This was mostly due to the injuries suffered by Reyes and Murphy, but also partially due to the failed experiment of Scott Hairston at second base for an inning. Ugh.

The truth of the matter was that the game was one to forget.  After back-to-back homers from Alex Gonzalez and Jose Constanza gave the Braves a 5-2 lead in the 5th inning, the Mets fought back on an infield single (RBI) from Murphy, and a single from Willie Harris in the 6th inning.  Then in the seventh the comeback continued as Angel Pagan dropped a game-tying RBI double in front of Martin Prado in left field who dove for it and missed (Prado was moved from 3rd to left in a double switch which brought in Chipper Jones.  Can you smell that foreshadow?).  But the comeback would be for naught as Chipper Jones would then drive in the game-winning run with a ninth inning single off of Bobby Parnell.  And, that was all the Braves would need.

But somehow, more important than the game is the injury reports on both Reyes and Murphy.  Here are some beat tweets that may help to shed SOME light on these situations.

Murphy "certainly" is going to be DL'd, GM said. Noncommittal yet on Reyes to DL, but he was out 3 weeks last time he had mild hammy injury.
Adam Rubin
Don't know the extent of Murphy's knee damage yet. X-rays negative, but waiting on MRI. Sounds significant though. #mets
David Lennon

While Reyes’ injury seems very similar to what he experienced just a few weeks ago with that tight hamstring, Murphy is a different story.  In what was one of the more gruesome spikings I’ve seen in some time, Murphy looked to get the double whammy.  He got spiked, and it twisted his knee.  It all happened on a stolen base attempt by Constanza.

Although it WASN’T DIRTY, Constanza’s lead foot hit second base, almost bent his own knee back, and somehow flung his cleat up and right into Murphy’s knee which was then bent pretty heinously causing Murphy to hop into center field before falling onto his stomach and needing to be helped off the field.  It looked bad, because it was bad.  But it wasn’t dirty.  Constanza’s leg was almost shot forward after he jammed it into the front of second base sliding.  While I hate the Braves more than anyone.  I can’t blame him for Murphy’s injury, as it seems almost like a freak injury.  Either way, it sucks.

It’s probably a safe assumption to say that Ruben Tejada is probably on his way up, and that the Mets won’t be at full strength for some time in the line up.  I’d expect to see a ton of Duda at first and either Harris or Hairston in right.  Ugh.  This hurts to even say, but…

Let’s go Mets.




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