Question: Does the Quickness of K-Rod Deal Give Sandy An Upper Hand?

Photo by Michael G. Baron

So, while we don’t yet know who the players to be named later are in the deal that sent Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers, one thing we do know is that when Sandy Alderson saw a deal that made sense to him he didn’t hesitate.  So, the question is now what does the speed in which the trigger was pulled on this deal affect the Mets, and more importantly their potential trade partners, with the trade dealine just two weeks away?

I know this may seem a little counter-intuitive, but stick with me here when I say that I think the speed in which K-Rod was dealt might be setting a precedent that will allow the Mets to get more for any talent that they want to deal.  Here’s why…

So if you are a team that’s interested in Carlos Beltran, Jason Isringhausen, Tim Byrdak (or whoever that the Mets have made available) and you just saw them jump on a deal to send K-Rod out of town, you may begin to get nervous that the Mets are going to act quickly once Alderson finds a deal pleasing to him.  And if you’re desperate enough for an impact bat, like Beltran, at the trade deadline (Hello, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Angels) then you’re now more likely to make a more aggressive initial play for the fear that Alderson will make a deal before you have time to really bargain for him (ie. low ball and start a back-and-forth).  By dealing K-Rod in the manner that he has, it’s as if Alderson has created a feeling of urgency that might bring forward some offers that could be more interesting than originally expected.

By no means am I saying Alderson pushed K-Rod out the door as part of a strategy in order to create a sense of urgency on the trade market.  I’m sure that wasn’t his primary goal.  I’m sure his primary goal was to rid himself, and the Mets, of the albatross that was Rodriguez’s contract and option for next year.  However, I do think that the sense of urgency Alderson may have created can be considered a happy accident for this team, and potentially bring about some better deals than he may have gotten had he decided to really wait it out to deal one of his big chips, K-Rod.

Photo taken by Michael Baron

It wouldn’t be fair to write this without mentioning the chance that Alderson has no interest in moving Beltran (or anyone else) until after the team is officially out of it.  Beltran, Byrdak and Izzy have been such integral parts to this team this season that it’ll be tough to just assume Sandy will deal Carlos, or anyone else that quickly, especially with the team still alive in the playoff hunt.  Truth of the matter here is that it’s never seemed like K-Rod was as important a part to this team in terms of both performance or team chemistry, and that (along with his contract) had more to do with this deal, and the way it went down, than anything else.

Regardless, I’m sure Sandy Alderson is getting all sorts of calls today from GMs around the league looking to see who he’ll deal next, if anyone, and how quickly he’s willing to act.  And I like it…





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  • Mazzaajr

    I think trading beltran with a sense of urgency will help the mets, both this year and next. I do believe it would be a white flag so I hope he moves soon. The mets have to decide who sits when reyes,wright and davis come back and a lot of the young guys are playing well. What the mets could do is move duda or murphy to outfield. Wright, davis and reyes will be back. Tejada or turner to 2b. The team will be just as strong as everyone will be back but beltran. That lineup is still solid and strong and the trading deadline hasn’t ended yet. I feel the mets have the depth in their bats to handle moving beltran. where does murphy go after wright and davis returns? Do we just sit his hot bat? I say get what we can from beltran and move murphy to rf, I like what I see from sandy that he isn’t afraid to make some moves. Minaya would have made moves that didn’t make sense but I feel sandy has rationalized this team out and he sees something a lot of people do not. So if the giants or rays want beltran, sandy should not hesitate because I do not seee it as a hinderance.

  • Mazzaajr

    I meant I do believe it to be a white flag in the second sentence

  • Anthony Mazza

    My phone was messing it up…I do not believe that trading Beltran is a white flag