MetsZilla 2011 MLB Predictions

With the greatest day of the year upon us — Opening Day — Caught Lookin’ (Matt S) and I decided to get together and try to predict the unpredictable; the outcome of the 2011 MLB season in the first annual addition of MetsZilla Predictions. We hope you enjoy as the two of us did our best Ms. Cleo imitation:

We also took a crack at predicting some outcomes for our beloved New York Mets, including our top 3 stories of for the 2011 season:



In response to an e-mail question from MetsZilla fan Peter Marks “Do you think Carlos Beltran will be a Met passed the July trade deadline?”

Matt answers NO, while I will reply with an optimistic Yes!!!

Feel free to let us know your predictions for the 2011 MLB season in the comment section below…




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