Logan White: Getting To Know You

Yesterday in an article for the New York Daily News, here, Andy Martino threw out some names for GM possibilities for the Mets.  Some possibilities populating his list were Florida Assistant GM Dan Jennings, former Minnesota GM Terry Ryan, White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn and Dodgers Assistant GM Logan White.  Prior to yesterday, the name Logan White didn’t really ring a bell to me, while I’ve heard of Jennings, Ryan and Hahn.  So I thought a little research was warranted…

Logan White’s full title is Assistant GM, Amatuer and International Scouting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to an executive bio on mlb.com.

Logan White: Image by Larry Goren/Icon SMI

White’s responsibilities include overseeing amateur and international scouting including the amateur draft along with other assistant GM responsibilities.  White’s been with the Dodgers for nine years, with the last four being in his current capacity and served as the director of amateur scouting for the team prior to 2007.  His biggest accomplishments, in terms of personnel, include Chad Billingsley, Jonathon Broxton, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Clayon Kershaw, Blake DeWitt, Russell Martin and other major league talent.  White is also given credit for his role in bringing over Takashi Saito and Hiroki Kuroda.  Those are some pretty impressive names to have on a resume if you’re a talent evaluator.  But what does that tell us about how he thinks?  Not all that much.

So, I looked into an interview White had with with LADodgertalk.com back in March, here.  This interview is definitely worth the read, and gives some interesting insight into White and how he thinks, specifically involving potential.  There’s a part in the interview where White is questioned about his tendency to turn third basemen into pitchers, despite not being drafted as such.  I found White’s response interesting, he said, “I grew up scouting with people around the game who taught me to look at the possibilities of the guy — what could be, not what is.”  This is some outside-of-the-box thinking that I feel has been lacking with the Mets.  The Mets seems more concerned with grabbing guys who produce at other levels (college, for example), which definitely has value, but can be disappointing (which can happen with all prospects, see Eddie Kunz.)  Overall the interview gives the impression that White is a smart guy who puts more value into making the RIGHT move, not just making a move.  In fact there’s an interesting analogy that White makes in the interview about building houses.  Basically his point is you can build a house that will be worth $1 million spending either $1.2 million or $600,000, but either way the house will still be worth $1 million.  I think you get the point…

Overall, I’m impressed by White’s resume of young talent he’s brought in to L.A. making up a good portion of their 40 man roster.  But beyond that, he seems to have a “wise-spending plan”, which is interesting considering how long he has worked with an organization in a market as big as Los Angeles.  I’m sure more information on White will be released as time moves on, and we’ll learn more about him and the other candidates, but I must say, after coming off Minaya who spent money to make sure things “got done”, it’s nice to see the organization considering a guy who thinks he can build a million dollar home with less than a million dollars…




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