Louie Wants a Trade …. umm, Yes Please!

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I’m sure this post is bound to make it seem like I am just picking at Luis Castillo and at this point I can do little to defend myself against such accusations.  I mean I got on the guy for not celebrating in a manner I deemed acceptable after he got a game winning hit (click here for story).  Who does that?  The short answer is me.  The long answer is someone who routinely over analyzes things in an attempt to come up with an objective opinion about a player or situation.  Once again, that’s me.

Today, as the Daily News sportswriters reported, Castillo came out and once again expressed his frustration with not starting.  After realizing he wasn’t starting one day after delivering his game-winning hit,  Louie was quoted as saying:

I thought I would be playing tonight but I am not making the lineup. What is going on here? I don’t know what he’s doing,” Castillo said of Manuel. “All I can do is the best I can. That’s how you try to play more. … but I am disappointed.”

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Nothing wrong with that statement at all, in fact I was surprised (but not disappointed) that he did not get the start Wednesday night.  Look, I know Castillo has started for his entire 14 year career, so I can understand his frustration, but this is the second time he has gone public with his displeasure and has now gone so far as to say he doesn’t know what his manager is doing and doesn’t know what’s going on here.  Well, welcome to the club Mr. Castillo, nobody knows what’s going on here, but while you’re a player I think those comments are best made behind closed doors.

My reaction to all this completely mirrors the way with which I was dumbfounded by Jeff Franoeur’s statements earlier in the year about wanting to play every day.  I understand the wanting part of it, but these players are making these remarks as if they feel entitled to a full-time gig despite the fact that their performance dictates otherwise.  I mean I want to play center field for the Mets……where’s the love????

To top it all off, the next step in the process is to start talking about the possibility of the team finding you a situation where you can be a full time starter.  That’s right, ask the team to accommodate your needs despite the fact that you are grossly overpaid and any such transaction will likely mean they would simply be paying someone to take you off their hands.  Castillo, who at this point knows his manager is going to ride the younger and defensively superior Ruben Tejada, was quoted as saying:

I need to be in a different kind of situation. I don’t know what they want to do. I want an opportunity to play, and if it is here, then I am happy. If it is somewhere else, then that’s what it is.”

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I mean honestly, is there any way Louie doesn’t know that the team has been exploring the prospect of trading him for 2 years now?  The entire situation is infuriating to me and as I said in a chat with JD from Section 518 (which is a great blog that I highly recommend checking out), when Castillo comes out with comments like he did in the Daily News report, it just further convinces me that the other night wasn’t an instance of a guy holding in his enthusiasm, it was an example of a guy who had none.   Maybe the Mets have drained it out of him, it’s entirely possible, but in his spare time on the bench I would recommend that Louie put on his GM hat and think up some trade proposals.  I tell ya, 2012 has never seemed so far way.




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  • http://managinggreatness.com Gil Reich

    The sad truth is that Tejada is a AA second baseman (or a AAA shortstop) and he still brings more to the team than Louis. I’m sure there are teams that would love to have Louis, but sadly none of them are in Majors. Or the Minors. My cousin’s softball team though, they’d start Louis for sure.

  • Nindos

    You know ,, As I stated to anyone that would listen , Why the heck do we sign Castillo for so long??? Other than to compensate him for helping us sign Johan.OH yeah !! WE know about that LOUIE !!So, , its time to just eat that contract.. It really is,, Shift to youth. Build a pitching staff !! Its a tried and true way to build championships!! We’re on our way with an Infield of IKE,REYES ,WRIGHT and THOLE. Bring up that stud shortstop , put him at second and get two more starters .

  • Caseyros


  • Chupamio

    It’s LUIS not Louis you freak, & he’s ALREADY brought more to the table in 4 games this week than your AA Tejada! How many hits has Tejada gotten???…Oh that’s right, )! Luis hit the winning run in, get off the band wagon, trust me Jerry Manuel is a blowhard with a personal grudge vs. Luis since the Marlin’s day & Manuel would like NOTHING better than NOT to give Luis exposure & force an early retirement! Do ANY of you FREAKS even remember the great season he had last year?? NY Mets fans & organization are followers w/absolutely no clue…

  • Anonymous

    If you feel the last 4 games are a fair representation of ‘Louis’ Castillo’s value to a major league team, then as a clueless follower I would love to arrange a trade with your favorite team. Have your people call my people and thank you for contribution to Metszilla.com.

  • http://managinggreatness.com Gil Reich

    Sorry, I think the 271 SLUGGING PERCENTAGE and lack of range at second base may have something to do with why he’s not playing. To put some context around that number, it’s 52 points lower than the worst in the league from players with more than 3.1 plate appearances per game. And he didn’t have a great year last year. The OBP was offset by the 346 slugging (6th worst in league) and poor D. And apparently every GM in baseball feels the same way, or they’d have taken him off the Mets’ hands after last season.