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As we wrote yesterday, Jon Heyman of reported that the New York Mets may possibly look into voiding the contract of closer Francisco Rodriguez.  While that information is not new, Heyman went on to break down just how much of a cost saving move it would be for New York:

The Mets are looking into the possibility of voiding closer Francisco Rodriguez‘s contract, has learned.  If the team is successful in doing so, they could save at least $17 million, and potentially more.

They are looking into whether the contract, for $37 million over three years, can be voided based on Rodriguez injuring himself outside the course of play. Rodriguez suffered a torn thumb ligaments during a fight with his girlfriend’s father.”

This breaking news has caused quite a buzz around the Mets Blogosphere.  Here at we have taken a look ‘Around the Web’ to see what others are saying about the possibility of voiding K-Rod’s contract and offered our take on such a scenario.

In a post to, “Ain’t That Thumping-K-Rod Out For The Season”  (to read full post click HERE), Stephen Keane explains why he believes a message needs to be sent by voiding Rodriguez contract:

Speaking for myself, I don’t care if the Mets have to pay K-Rod the rest of this year and next, although I’d think if the Mets could win a case against Rodriguez a ticker tape parade down Roosevelt Ave would be appropriate, I just want to see the front office show some fight and send a message that they actually give a @%#! about the team and are tired of being portrayed as bungling douche bags.”

Over at , Denise Winters shares her thoughts on the Rodriguez situation in her post “K-Rod, The Offense and Other Mets Thoughts ” (click HERE for full post):

Rodriguez’s contract needs to be voided – no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Had he injured his thumb while practicing or playing, or even in an accident outside of the game, one can tolerate it; just another unfortunate event for the Mets.  But injuring it while committing a felony? Unacceptable.  As Mike Lupica of the Daily News put it, “You do something like this in another business and you lose your job.”

In a video post at, (click HERE or the link below to view) Kerel Cooper gives his opinion on how he feels the Mets should handle the Francisco Rodriguez situation:

The Zilla Take:  We simply can’t believe this is the state of baseball in Queens these days.  Francisco Rodriguez, or the pitcher formerly known as ‘K-Rod’ is hogging up headlines like K-Fed.  Given his recent stay in jail, perhaps the latter is a more fitting nickname.  There is no denying that the Zilla has had some mixed emotions about Francisco Rodriguez throughout the year, dating back to Jay’s post “Frankie Says Relax“:

It just seems that when you look deep into his numbers, Rodriguez has never been ‘lights out’, at least not in the way some fans (or at least myself) thought he was.  In relations to guys like Mariano and Nathan he has always allowed more runners to get on, he has always needed a lot of pitches to work through jams, and yet he has always been effective.   So maybe it’s time to tinker with my definition of ‘lights out’, because in the end, isn’t it all about getting the job done?  In that sense, K-Rod has been ‘lights out’ and perhaps it’s time to listen when ‘Frankie says relax’.”

to Ken’s recent article “K-Rod: Mechanically Sound, Mentally Flawed“:

It wasn’t long ago that a struggling Rodriguez told fans “Relax. I know what I’m doing”. Remember that? I suspect most people either knew or suspected that he couldn’t possibly know what he was doing. We listed to that proclamation as we watched Francisco Rodriguez pitch himself into inescapable corners from which he was rarely able (unless miraculously so), to extricate himself. He suffered, the team suffered and I lost hair as Frankie pussy footed around the plate, dancing his inimitable dance of destruction as though his intent was not to get the batter out but to experiment in the varied means by which the batter could get himself out. It didn’t work but that didn’t stop him.”


Although we may have different opinions on how Frankie got the job done in the past, we can all agree on one thing moving forward, enough is enough.  It’s time for upper management to take a stand and show some sort of spine.  The fact that this guy played ‘Fight Club’ in the family lounge in front of other players wives and children is unacceptable, end of story.   A message needs to be sent that says this behavior will not be tolerated and that your salary does not dictate your status within the organization.  A novel decree, I know, but maybe once they get the ball rolling they can follow up by sending the same pink slip to Oliver Perez.




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