Castillo’s Bat Painful for Team…. and Fans

Even on an off day there is no shortage of news on Luis Castillo‘s floundering bat.  Over the course of the 2010 season Luis is hitting an abysmal .245 while playing second base like Tanner from Bad News Bears.  The 14+ year veteran’s poor performance has caused the team to go with a bit of a youth movement whereby 20-year old rookie Ruben Tejada will see the majority of the playing time moving forward.

As if Castillo’s bat in 2010 hasn’t caused fans enough pain, an at-bat from 2007 is coming back to haunt the franchise.  Jose Martinez of the Daily reports that the second basemen’s exorbitant contract is not his only contribution to the team’s financial unrest.

The high-priced infielder is being sued by a New Jersey man who was badly injured when Castillo’s shattered bat sailed into the box seats – and right into James Falzon’s face.  The ugly 2007 encounter during a Mets-Braves game turned Falzon into a bloody mess, with injuries that included multiple facial fractures and left him with pins in his jaw and metal plates in his face.

James Falzon- Met fan hit in face by Castillo's shattered bat

Given the physical and emotional damage experienced by Falzon as a result of the incident he has initiated litigation against Castillo, the bat’s manufacturer, the New York Mets, and MLB.  According to Martinez:

The suit takes issue with maple bats like the one used by Castillo, saying they put fans and ballplayers in harm’s way because they break more easily than bats made of ash.”

Photo by Michael Baron

I’m not sure what to make of this but it’s incredibly unfortunate that this guys face is the hardest thing Castillo’s bat has hit since he’s been on the Mets.  I’d imagine that if anyone ever wants to take Barry Bonds side in arguing as to whether or not Maple bats helped the slugger reach his lofty home run totals (among other substances), they need only point to Luis Castillo as exhibit A.  At any rate, the Mets may do all they can to trade their vastly overpriced second basemen who was placed on waivers this past Friday and was due to clear (or be claimed) today.  Fingers crossed!

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