Mets Need to go the Way of the Marlins!

With a 4-3 win over the San Francisco Giants on Monday Ricky Nolasco (11-7, 4.35 ERA) and the Florida Marlins moved into a tie with the New York Mets for 3rd place in the NL East:

June 23rd seems so long ago, when the Mets inched into within 1/2 a game of the division leading Braves and had a 3 game lead over rival Philadelphia and 6 games over the hated September spoilers, the Florida Marlins.

That day was significant because it was then that the Marlins organization decided their team was underachieving and a managerial change was needed.  Exit Fredi Gonzalez and enter Triple-A manager Edwin Rodriguez.  As Mike Dodd and Mel Antonen of USA Today reported, club owner Jeffrey Loria explained that the move was made with only winning in mind:

We believe we can do better and be better. We owe it to our fans to put this team in the best possible position to win. Everyone knows how I feel about winning. That’s the reason we’re making this change. We still have a very long season in front of us, and plenty of time to turn things around.”

WHAT?  I mean this guy had to be out of his mind!  Let me get this straight, your team is underperforming, the manager has seemingly lost control of some of the players and your fans are calling for heads to roll.  So your response as an owner is to recognize that a change is needed and act accordingly?????  Wow, as any New York Met fan can tell you, that is how things are done in Crazy Land.  Apparently, as if that lack of logic could be any more flawed, Loria and Team president Dave Sampson were actually on the same page.  Sampson said:

You want a manager to lead your team and sometimes you need a different voice”

Photo by Michael Baron

What an absolutely insane concept!  I mean what good could possibly come from such a move.  Haven’t the Fish learned from their Northeaster division rivals that when things aren’t going well you simply sit down, talk about it, and do nothing.  Poor play is NOT a problem that can be solved with front office changes or roster shake-ups let alone a COACHING CHANGE?!?!?!?!  HA!  Talk about having egg on their face.  As Ron Burgundy told producers during his ESPN audition (click here to watch), that club must be run by a bunch of children.  Talk about a cultural and financial disaster!  Well at least New York wouldn’t have to worry about the Marlins till 2011.

Oh, wait a second, Florida is suddenly the hottest team in the NL East, having won 2 out of 3 from the Braves over the weekend and 8 of their last 10.  The team is 12-6 since Independence Day and you have to wonder just how good they can be if their pitching staff, including the inconsistent but occassionally dominant Nolasco, gets going behind current Cy Young favorite Josh Johnson.

Photo by Michael Baron

In all seriousness this is just another example of what a change in management can do to ignite a young team.  Does anyone remember what Jim Tracy did for the Rockies just last season?  Inspired baseball can sometimes be contagious when someone new is brought in to light a fire under a stagnant squad.   Honestly, is there any better way to describe the faltering Mets over the past month?   What do they lose by making a switch from Jerry Manuel to literally ANYONE else at this point in time?  The Zilla would love to hear what our readers think, please visit us and feel free to comment on facebook (click here) as well as vote in our poll below.  For us it just seems obvious that the time is now to go the way of the Fish.

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  • Mo Miller

    Someone has to blamed. Teams as a whole don't just stop hitting. It's the managers job to inspire them to hit, get whatever that's in their head out. Don't shake up the lineup every single day, just because you're not hitting.

  • vinnycartiglia


    I strongly believed some sort of message needed to be sent yesterday. Whether it was to fire Hojo, Manuel, a club house attendant or even if they didn't want to fire someone than Minaya, Manuel and/or Wilpon should have made a statement to the team that this is not unacceptable.

    Instead we got a closed door meeting and the outcome, is we have trust in Omar and Jerry… That is unacceptable

  • Anthony Mazza

    What I like even more…they are going to sit by and see how they play to determine if they are buyers or sellers…Yep, because June was a good month for the team, that means the team is perfect the way it is. Seriously? Since Manuel has been manager what has he done? A couple september fall aparts? An entire starting team being DLed? A team .5 games from the lead in the NL East and 3 games up on the WC…to 7.7 back and plenty behind the wild card….

    WHAT…I repeat..WHAT has Manuel done? Nothing…nothing warranting to be kept. Yes Omar and him our buddies, because Manuel wont go behind Omars back to do things. Manuel wont be Bobby V and let what needs to be known, known…

    Instead Manuel will laugh at the loses and say something like “a lose is a lose, we cant change that…we need to play harder, we jsut arent hitting, but when these bats go we will be back to our old self”…Yep how much of a hole can they dig themselves before they pray the bats come to life. WHen the bats start swinging the Nats will be ahead of them and Manuel will be laughing still

  • Blah

    Jerry needs to go. He has never been a good manager, not even a decent one. He cant manage his bullpen, he cant fire up his player. He doesnt even know the game well enough to be a manager. He should have gone long, long ago.